Over 500 Friends enjoy events and benefits whilst playing a very important role in keeping the Hunter Fleet running at its best with subscriptions and generous donations

Friends Old and New

Established in 1996 to assist the Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust following their successful acquisition of the Hunter Fleet, the Friends have now have over 500 members.

The Friends continue to provide practical and financial support to strengthen the aims of the Trust.  each year the Friends are able to give more funds to the work of the Yard than we receive in subscriptions by ensuring all of our activities and events are fund raising opportunities. The Friends also act as a “User Group” for the hirers of the yachts and to help the widen development work of the Trust.

Our support continues to fund the maintenance and upgrading of the Fleet including some of the new canopies and electric motor installations. Friends also volunteer to help with gardening and maintenance the outdoor spaces at the Yard.

Through this work, the Friends help to 

  • Give a new generation access to the benefits of learning to sail on these unique craft in an environment not found elsewhere.
  • Ensure that these unique craft will be here for you and future generations to sail.
  • Preserve an important piece of boatbuilding, sailing and local history.

All of these also provide opportunities to get to know other friends and share our love of boats and sailing.

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